The Slovene trilogy Alice in Crazyland by Evald Flisar

Milena Mileva Blazic, Juan Varela Tembra


The British writer Lewis Carroll exerted influence upon Slovene authors writing for young readers with his Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1871). Contemporary Slovene writer Evald Flisar wrote his trilogy about Alice as a fantasy tale (Alice in Crazyland, 2008), a
play (Alice in Crazyland: an ecological farce, 2010) and as a comic strip or graphic novel (Alice in Potteroonia, 2013, illustrated by P. Kovačič). His trilogy, particularly Alice in Crazyland (2008), reflects the philosophy of the Slovene theoretician Slavoj Žižek in his Pathological Narcissus as a Socially
Mandatory Form of Subjectivity (1985).

Keywords: Lewis Carroll, Evald Flisar, Slavoj Žižek, Alice in Crazyland.

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