Extra Linguistic Issues with an Impact in Managing EFL Teaching

Slobodanka Đolić


The aim of this article is to discuss the relations between intercultural and environmental approaches to teaching English from a global perspective. Our interest is directed towards creating an educational model that will enable the teaching of English for International Communication objectives. In this paper, we will pay particular attention to the influences coming from the external environment. These influences are, however, manifested in the behavior of students, both at the psychological and the cognitive level. The terms of the living environment greatly affect the speed and accuracy of acquiring knowledge in general and language learning in particular. This is based on the fact that it requires commitment and concentration to be performed in adequate environmental conditions. The proposed teaching model is expected to conform to the learners‟ care-taking environment that provides conditions for healthy physical, humane, and affective social context.

Keywords: care-taking environment, teaching model, social context, EFL.

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