Feminist Demands in the Victorian Period The Novel “Jessie Phillips” by F. Trollope



Women, rights, feminism, education


The 1850s marked the beginning of the Feminist Movement. Feminism till that time had been an individual issue and even an indirect protest. After 1850, the Feminist Movement strengthened more and more and was bypassing the grievances expressed from time to time. There were a number of reasons for this: women's suffrage, women's admission to higher education, marriage and property laws, and the demands and prospects of unmarried women. These bold attitudes of this decade manifested themselves through three kinds of writing, controversy, and treatments. The basis of Harriet Taylor's observation was the report published in the New York Tribune on the "Convention on the Rights of Women" which called for equality in education, employment in industry and political rights. This American example of women's rights later influenced the Feminist Movement in England. It is interesting that Taylor's attitude was uncompromising. The novel "Jessie Phillips" is one of the first interesting novels that brings a benevolent story about the fate of stigmatized women, including elements of class consciousness and sexual policy.




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