Special Issue: Terminology Translation from English in Albanian Context: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

Special issue information:

Terminology is an important means of knowledge transfer and is essential to the dissemination and conveying concepts from distinctive fields of knowledge while maintaining accuracy and versatility. Lexicologists, translators and experts in the specialized fields, such as law, business, arts, and sciences, need to keep up with the fast evolving and specific sociopolitical and linguistic contexts of the Albanian speaking countries, in seeking to transfer and receive meaning.

This issue identifies and examines the processes and factors that influence the translation of terminology from English sources into Albanian and discusses the obstacles that impede effective terminology scholarship taking into account the diverse ethnic, historical, and cultural reality of the countries in which Albanian has a status of an official language.

Contemporary translation theory pays attention to broader context, history and convention influencing the meaning of faithfulness in translation. The key proponents of the cultural turn in translation theory, such as Susan Bassett emphasize the importance of the economic, political and social contexts in which translation takes place and that they are inseparable from the translation methods and techniques.

This special issue sheds light on the theoretical and practical challenges in translating terminology from English sources into Albanian by focusing on the following distinctive fields:

• Law

• Arts

• Economics

• Social Sciences

• Natural Sciences

Manuscript submission information:

All authors are required to submit an abstract up to 200 words by 30th November 2022. On the basis of this, the Guest Editor shall inform authors by 10th November 2022 whether they are being invited to submit full papers.

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Keywords: translation of terminology, accuracy, consistency, standardization, clientele, unification, faithfulness, etc.