Survey Synchronize on Selected English Word among Diamantinians: An Assessment

Jun-Jun Ricostos Ramos


Invasion of English language, brought consequences not only to the lexicon but to the phonology as well. Diamantina National High School is an institution which promotes Discipline and Excellence Adaptation of selected words clusters was taken from 50 Grade 12 students. Only spectrographic behaviors of these sounds are look into. This research paper examine word clusters with both initial and medial position occurrence, except for /z/ clusters and focused on the stress, intonation and juncture. The discussion on the affixation processes will not include a frequency count on the variability of forms, and the central tendency (mean, median and mode) as made on Ramos et. al (2017). Simply the description of on how the subjects cope with the processes. There are three points addressed in this paper, in order to determine the characteristics of the suprasegmental. In pronunciation of initial clusters, the first constituent is uttered the same as the non-cluster correspondence. Thus, we will call that repair as full articulation of the first constituent. With regards with the third type clusters, two ways are employed; first, is the full articulation, and the second is the prosthesis /f/ /s/. For the resyllabication of clusters, word-medial clusters are examined in this paper. The ambisyllabicity of the cluster member lying along the boundary, if it is a plosive, split itself into the two syllables. Wherein, the closure of the lip belongs to the former syllable, while the explosion is on the succeeding syllables. If it is a continuant, like /f/ /s/, normally with an extended sound, it runs through the next syllable, until the burst of the next segment.

Keywords: Survey; Synchronize; Selected English Word; Diamantinians; Assessment.

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