Literary Presentations of Influence of 9/11 on Muslim Migrants in United States

Shamenaz Bano


The attack on Twin Tower in United States on 11th September 2011 was a disastrous and cowardly attack claiming the lives of many innocent victims. It also had led to the rise various discourses around the world. The attack was regulated by a handful of misguided Muslim men which led to the suspicion on the entire Muslim community. Muslim community who were living in West especially America was looked upon suspiciously. The aftermath of 9/11 was very disastrous for many innocent Muslims as they were threatened, beaten and even killed by angry American who wanted to take revenge from anybody on ethnic ground. Many innocent Muslims were persecuted on just suspicious ground and some were abducted and had never return back.

Keywords: 9/11, Muslim migrants, United States, Xenophobia, Racism.

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