Exploring August Strindbergs A Dream Play with reference to the Theatre of Absurd

Ishfaq A. Yatoo


This article is an attempt to examine August Strindbergs A Dream Play in view of the Theatre of Absurd. The Play being an exquisite commentary on the meaninglessness of human life will be analyzed with thorough textual evidences. The study will also focus on how the playwright has succeeded in his use of Vedic mythology to dramatize the strife of modern life through a series of different major and minor characters. The attempt will also be made to expound the use of waiting as a strong motif to show the nothingness of mans life. Besides, the playwrights worthwhile clue towards the capitalist world-order driving people towards absolute wretchedness will also be highlighted.

Keywords: Absurdism, Pessimism, Capitalism, Waiting, Suffering, Meaninglessness.

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