The Slovene trilogy Alice in Crazyland by Evald Flisar


  • Milena Mileva BLAZIC University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Juan Varela TEMBRA University of Santiago de Campostela, Spain.


Lewis Caroll, Evald Flisar, Slavoj Zizek, Alice in Crazyland.


The British writer Lewis Caroll exerted influence upon Slovene authors writing for young readers for his Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking Glass (1871). Contemporary Slovene writer Evald Flisar wrote his trilogy about Alice as a fantasy tale (Alice in Crazyland, 2008), a play (Alice in Crazyland: an ecological force, 2010) and as a comic strip and a graphic novel (Alice in Potteroonia, 2013, illustrated by P. Kovacic). His trilogy, particularly Alice in Crazyland (2008), reflects the philosophy of the Slovene theoretical Slavoj Zizek in his pathological Narcissus as a Socially Mandatory Form of Subjectivity (1985).




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